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The teachers at Macquarie Grammar School are appointed for their commitment to the individual student. The staff team demonstrates a dedication and loyalty that support the desired organisational culture. Our teaching staffs are experienced, talented and qualified within their age of study. The School prides itself on the number of teachers who have attained higher qualifications at Masters or Doctoral levels from reputable universities and encourages continues professional development and life-long learning.

Macquarie Grammar School offers a strong HSC portfolio and is small enough to care about the individual progress of every student. We favour communicative, interactive and student-centred approaches that also promote suitable opportunities for developing research skills, extend project work, dynamic presentations, independent learning strategies, critical thinking, and access to a wide range of learning resources including internet, audio-visual aids and libraries.

Teaching Methods

Macquarie Grammar School is big enough to offer a strong HSC portfolio, and small enough to care about the individual progress of every student. Macquarie Grammar Teaching reaches out to every student, to help all students reach their full potential.

We favour communicative, interactive and student-centred approaches that also promote suitable opportunities for developing research skills, extend project work, dynamic presentations, independent learning strategies, critical thinking, and access to a wide range of learning resources including internet, audio- visual aids and libraries.

The teachers at Macquarie Grammar School are appointed for their commitment to the individual student. The staff team demonstrates a dedication and loyalty that support the desired organisational culture. All teaching staff are appropriately qualified and experienced. The School prides itself on the number of Teachers with higher degrees at Master and Doctoral levels from universities from all over Australia and encourage continued professional development and life-long learning.

Mr Hagan

Director of Curriculum and Compliance

Mr Hagan is approaching his third decade in Education. He comes from a long family history of Principals and University lectures. Mr Hagan continues this tradition by assuming the role of Director of Curriculum and compliance at Macquarie Grammar School. In 2015 Mr Hagan was acting Principal.

Qualified through a postgraduate diploma of education specialising in gifted and talented he possesses a Science degree in Biotechnology/ Microbiology and as such is our HSC Biology teacher.

Mr Hagan continues the philosophy of Macquarie Grammar School through his Monday Morning catch phrase “put love in your heart” a tradition started by our founding Principal Dr Gauld.. As Macquarie continues to value individual difference and place core values such as honesty and integrity at the height of priorities. The students at Macquarie grow in a very happy environment producing outstanding citizens.

Mrs Sun

Director of Welfare and Operations

Mrs Sun is a well-qualified educator with a Bachelor of Arts degree and a Masters of Teaching from the University of Sydney.

Mrs Sun has been working for the BOSTES HSC Exam committee since 2008 and appointed as Chief Examiner for the one of Chinese course since the 2012 HSC examination. The Chief Examiner chairs the committee responsible for developing the examination and has further roles in the marking and standards setting procedures. It is anticipated that this appointment will continue for the 2016 and 2017 examinations. She has been a HSC marker for the Chinese course since 2005 and has also been appointed to take part in the Standards Setting Operation since 2010 as a Judge for the course. In addition, she has been also selected as a Senior Marker for the Chinese Background Speakers course since the 2015 HSC examination.

Currently, Mrs Sun is appointed as the Director of Welfare and Operations. She always welcomes feedback and input from others as she is keen to gather as many positive ideas as possible so she can effectively work with teachers to build on the successes already achieved and look to the future with renewed vigour and confidence.

Mr Adamovich

Business Studies, Legal Studies, Economics, Geography Teacher, Careers Advisor, Year 9 Homeroom – BFA, MBA, ABA, BTeach.

Mr Adamovich was born in Europe, grew up and attended primary and secondary school in Asia, attended Universities in America and Australia and is married with two children. Mr Adamovich currently teaches Preliminary and HSC Business Studies, Legal Studies, Economics and Year 9 Geography. Mr Adamovich is also the Year 9 Head Teacher and the Careers Advisor.

Mr Alexandru


Mr Alexandru has completed a Bachelor Degree in Mathematics, majoring in Pure Mathematics with over a decade of teaching experience in Romania. He has also achieved a Graduate Diploma in Education (major in Mathematics) from the University of Technology Sydney and taught secondary mathematics in both private and state schools in Sydney for more than 12 years.

Mr Alexandru has spent his last 8 years in a full time position teaching Mathematics at Macquarie Grammar School committed to providing students with a dynamic and interesting learning environment in which they can grow and develop.His studies have provided the theoretical grounding and the teaching experience contributed to the practical component helping him continually grow towards the excellent teacher that he strives to be. He also spent numerous years in private tutoring for various coaching schools to gain a better understanding of what the standards are at the top end of the competition and for the last 5 years he has been appointed as a marker for Mathematics Extension 1 HSC Exam. While teaching at Macquarie Grammar his main focus was developing and conducting study groups for senior students, who achieved exceptional results in their HSC Examinations and prestigious Mathematics competitions, from top bands across all Mathematics courses to perfect score 100% in Extension 1 HSC Exam and Gold Medals in ICAS Mathematics competitions.

Miss Cai

Chinese Beginners Teacher, Master of Teaching, Master of Applied Linguistics, Bachelor of Arts( English & Linguistics )

Ms Cai completed her Bachelor of Arts with an English and Linguistics major. Her enthusiasm about language resulted in her further pursuance of study in Linguistics. She graduated from the University of Sydney with a Master of Applied Linguistics and the University of Western Sydney with a Master of Teaching.

She has been in charge of Senior Chinese Beginners for 4 years, and Junior Chinese class for 5 years. Miss Cai also has the teaching experience in TESOL for 3 years, Geography for 2 years and she has participated the recording for HSC Chinese Beginners listening exam in 2012.

Miss Cai’s Chinese Beginners students have achieved Rank 2 or Rank 3 in NSW for consecutive three years since 2013. And “Every student is a star and my job is to discover the shine of them” has been her motto in teaching.

Mrs Cawood

Mrs Cawood is a dedicated teacher who commits to encourage all students to strive for their best. She has a Bachelor of Education and a Bachelor of Fine Arts. Visual arts (years 7-12) and Technology and Applied sciences (year 7 and 8) are her subjects. She has experience in the design industry and has taught at international schools as well as various schools in Australia. Mrs Cawood has an enduring passion for creative excellence and seeks to develop worthwhile learning experiences for a diverse range of young people. She is a teacher that is always pursuing improvement in the subjects she teaches for herself and her students.

Mr Gates

MR GATES has over 35 years in teaching English and Ancient History in a range of schools, mostly in small rural schools. He has held the positions of Principal, Deputy Principal, Head Teacher of English/history and classroom teacher. He has taught public speaking and debating for over 30 years.

Mr Gates has a Masters degree in Education, a Bachelor of Arts degree, Diplomas in Education and Social Science as well as a Certificate in IELTS. He has majors in Ancient history, modern history and English. Mr Gates is currently studying the Diploma in ESL.

Mr Gates is a Justice of the Peace. He is a Rotarian who seeks to serve his community well. Hr seeks to help all students achieve to their potential and beyond. Mr Gates is a very passionate teacher.

Mr Green

Mr Green is a highly motivated teacher with a passion for improving learning experiences/outcomes for students through collaboration and sharing with fellow teachers.

After obtaining a Bachelor of Education specialising in Physical and Health Education, he followed her dreams and travelled extensively through Europe whilst being employed as Master of Sport and Head of Year in a London based school.

Mr Green Commenced teaching at Macquarie grammar School in 2011. Running successful Swimming, Athletics and Cross Country carnivals each year, combined with supporting students to represent the School in Independent School Division Championships, he loves being a PE teacher. He has been responsible for the organisation of many camps, ski trips, large sporting events and performances for the school and community.

He is passionate about teaching student’s new sports and activities and encouraging them to have a lifelong love of sport and to stay fit and healthy for life. Mr Green holds a level 3 Personal Training qualification along with vast array of fitness qualifications allowing his students to learn from a very experienced and passionate sports teacher.

Mr Green loves to help his students and nothing more than noticing the sense of accomplishment on students’ faces when they’ve achieved something.  Having a good rapport with the students is important to him, always having a chat about current sporting events and discussing sporting results from the weekend.

Mr Manaay

BSE-English, MAEd English, MAEdTL

Mr Manaay has had more than fifteen years of experience teaching English to speakers of other languages (TESOL) across a range of levels in a variety of school types,including CEO Sydney secondary schools and IELTS training institutions.

With qualifications recognised by Australia’s National English Language Accreditation Scheme (NEAS), Mr. Manaay likewise earned degrees for a Bachelor and a Master of Education in English Language Education.  While writing his PhD dissertation in Educational Administration, he has recently completed a Master of Education qualification from Charles Sturt University.

His educational philosophy and motto focuses on scaffolding students’ learning while motivating learners to keep striving for their goals.

Mr Notholt

Mr Notholt is currently teaching Chemistry and Physics to the HSC (Years 11 & 12) and General Science with Years 7 to 10. He has been teaching Science in Secondary Schools for a total of 15 years and his qualifications include a Bachelor of Science and a Diploma of Education. Mr Notholt re-entered the teaching profession three years ago, following a stint in the IT industry which was itself preceded by 12 years’ teaching. In terms of education he believes we all have the capacity not simply to learn, but to understand. Mr Notholt adheres firmly to the principle: “We determine our own future.” One of Mr Notholt’s ex-students is now head of Astrophysics at Sydney University.


Mrs Yamashita

Japanese Teacher, Grad Dip Ed, BA

Mrs Yamashita holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree (Linguistics) and a Graduate Diploma in Education. She has been teaching Year 11 and 12 students throughout the past decade. Mrs Yamashita is also an HSC Examiner and Marker. She loves art, and does lots of drawings for her teaching materials and class work.

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