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HSC Results 2016

I am pleased to report that our Year 12 students performed magnificently in the 2016 HSC. Bao Vu became our first All Rounder and Dux with an ATAR of 98.95 and almost all our students matriculated to university in 2017. The school was ranked 9th on the English Standard/ESL Merit list published in the SMH, 100% of our students that studied Japanese Beginners or Chinese Continuers were awarded a Band 6 and 100% of our Biology and Mathematics Extension 1 and 2 attained a Band E3 or E4.

Our students surpassed themselves with a performance that will be difficult to match in 2017. The school yet again was pleasantly surprised with its ranking within the top 100 schools, being placed 70th as published in the Better Education  website. I would like to congratulate all our Year 12 students on what is a phenomenal performance and I wish them well with their future tertiary studies.

Below is a list of some of our students who are moving on to tertiary studies:

Judy Lyu                              USyd                       Agriculture

Deirdre Cheung                USyd                    Computer Science

Hermosa Chen                  UMacq                   Childcare/Early Child

Soolim Kim                         USyd                      Commerce/Law

Alex Chen                             UWS                     Early Child

Quella Lin                            RMIT                       Networking

Bao Anh Vu                          UWoll                     Maths/Finance

James Elbanna                  ICMS                       Business

Mr. Rekouniotis- Headmaster


Class 2015 Graduates

John Cawood – UNSW

Amy – James Cook (Filming)

Lancelot – University of Sydney (Space Engineering?)

Emily – UTS (Nursing)

Kevin – UTS (Art & Design)

Congratulations to our finest class of 2015, our Year 12s who maintained their serious commitment to their HSC, by ensuring that Macquarie Grammar School maintained its ranking on the Top Schools List—77th in NSW HSC 2015.

Special mention must be made of Lancelot Li who have achieved ATAR 99.25%, and have been among the Top 10 students in Mathematics Extension in the state.

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