Update on Operations

Dear Parents, Guardians, Homestay Hosts, and Students,

Re: Update on Operations

Today, the NSW Premier Galdy Berejiklian announced that schools are to continue to remain open Macquarie Grammar School is operating as usual. Years 11 and 12 are undertaking their examinations and Years 7 and 10 and HSP classes have continued with their normal studies. Please be aware that the teachers and students have been following practices and procedures in reference to the coronavirus while on Campus.

Macquarie Grammar School is preparing itself for online delivery of lessons if schools are asked to close, in the future. This week all sport, PDHPE practical lessons, and excursions have been suspended. The school timetable for Thursday has been altered commencing this week. The change is minor with lessons one (1) to five (5) continuing but will be of one hour and fifteen minutes duration. Please refer to the designated period times below. Also, students will attend school every day in full school uniform while sport and practical PDHPE lessons have been suspended.

Thursday Timetable

8:00 am      Period 1
8:45 am      Tutor Group (Roll call) Period
9:00 am      Period 2
10.15 am    Period 3
11.30 am    Recess
11.50 am    Period 4
1:05 pm      Lunch
1:45 pm      Period 5
3:00 pm      Day Concludes

Please be assured that as announcements are communicated to the school, parents, guardians, homestay hosts and students will be updated of any changes to the school’s operations.

Yours Sincerely,

Mr Rekouniotis
Monday 23rd March 2020

Update on Operations

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