A 21st Century Grammar School

Founded in 2004, Macquarie Grammar School is uniquely attuned to the needs and aspirations of young students. We offer students from all walks of life the opportunity to excel in their chosen field of endeavour, be it the professions, business or academic.

Focused Curriculum Puts Learning First

Macquarie Grammar School’s Learning First approach offers a focused curriculum that prioritises academic attainment with a “back to basics” philosophy. We consolidate learning in the core subject areas that are most important in the preparation for the HSC and a future rewarding career. Freed from the distractions that are often built into the curriculum at other schools, our school students are encouraged to reach their academic potentials.

HSC and Tertiary Entrance Specialists

Macquarie Grammar School is dedicated to helping our students complete their HSC that will lead to an offer of placement for future tertiary studies.

Senior Students, Mature Learners

Macquarie Grammar School is a Year 7-12 school that offers a calm, friendly, professional and focused environment for students to prepare for their HSC. The School’s curriculum, learning environment and activities are designed to meet the needs and interests of our mature, senior students.

Professional CBD Surroundings to Inspire Young Adults

Located in the CBD, our learning environment reflects the future professional surroundings in which students will work, learn and socialise throughout their adult lives. Right by the QVB at Town Hall, we are central to all Sydney’s transport networks and many physical teaching resources that enhance students learning. For example, the NSW Art Gallery, NSW State Library, Sydney University, etc.

Macquarie Grammar School leads in professional standards with 88% of our teachers having attained postgraduate-level qualifications in the subject area they teach.

Personal Academic Attention: Progress of Every Student

Our School offers a strong and broad HSC portfolio while still remaining mart to care for the individual progress of every student. Our teachers reach out to every student; to help our students develop their talent, have a passion and interest in learning.

Open to All Australians

We are a secular, co-educational, fully comprehensive school that welcomes students from all backgrounds. Our students reflect Australia’s dynamic and diverse population. We foster friendship and understanding and have built a school culture that engenders positive learning outcomes.

Scholarship Programme

Our school is named after NSW Governor Lachlan Macquarie who is widely believed to have coined the phrase that became one of Australia’s most cherished values: the “Fair Go”. We take this value to heart and offer a “fair go” to students from all backgrounds with scholarships for exceptional gifted students in the areas of academia, sports or music.

Because Macquarie Grammar School is located in the CBD, students have immediate access to some of the world’s best academic, sporting and cultural sites. The fitness programme operates at the Olympic-standard Ian Thorpe Aquatic Centre and the sports fields in Sydney’s Domain. It is a short stroll to the State Library, Sydney Library, Conservatorium of Music, Powerhouse Museum, the NSW Art Gallery and the Australian Museum. Best of all, usage of these wonderful facilities enables School fees to remain allocated entirely to academic pursuits.

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