Uniform Ordering

Please read “Macquarie Grammar School Uniform Policy“.


Uniform Fitting is available for all students, please contact 8228 3022 for booking.

Student can then order their own set of uniforms through the following steps:

  1. Go to online uniform supplier’s website
  2. Click on Online School Shops tab, and select Macquarie Grammar School.
  3. Login or register a new account if it is the first time to use the Online School Shops.
    During the new account register, please confirm the school name is correct and put MGS2004 if a unique school pass phrase is needed.
  4. After the register or login, order the items needed and delivery method.

If further assistance or information is needed for your orders, please contact the supplier at 1800-835-643 or email to info@midford.com.au

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