Message from the Headmaster

Macquarie Grammar School (MGS) is an independent school focusing on academic achievement through a respect for learning within a supportive environment. MGS distinguishes itself through small class sizes, exemplary teaching standards and a culture that values all individuals. We produce high quality outcomes for our students, with literacy and numerary the focal points of the well-rounded education that MGS provides and prides itself upon.

The culture of MGS enables students to grow in a healthy, happy and productive atmosphere. We are proud of our students and their journey to becoming intelligent, responsible and well-rounded citizens who are confident in their ability to succeed in their chosen path in life.

MGS is a fully comprehensive school that achieves success. Our school has been recognised in the NSW Higher School Certificate Merit and Distinguished Achievers’ List in every year of its operation. We are proud of our academic performance which reflects the commitment of our students and the exemplary teaching and educational standards maintained at MGS.

In 2015 the school was ranked 77th overall and 48th on the Mathematics Merit List. As a young dynamic school, MGS has entered an exciting period of opportunity made available through our established reputation and City location. MGS students have access to world class facilities. They also have a special opportunity to experience all of the best that Australia’s largest city, Sydney, has to offer. I welcome you to make an appointment to meet with me or to attend our regular MGS Open Day events which occur on the last day of each term. You are most welcome to come along and observe, discuss and discover why an education at MGS is the right option for your child. I look forward to meeting you.

MGS Culture

Our mission is to provide a liberal-based curriculum and prepare students for the HSC, pre-vocational and University Education, and the workplace by providing quality education and fostering an enjoyment of and a respect for learning.

At Macquarie Grammar School, teaching and learning take place in a nurturing and safe environment, where every effort is made to cultivate the individual’s full potential.

Choosing a Secondary School?

What do you need to consider when deciding upon the future for your child?

  • Tertiary Education – do you want your child to go to University?
  • Secular vs. Non- Secular
  • Coeducational vs. Single Gender
  • Learning Philosophy & Academic Focus

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