Purpose & Strategic Initiatives

Our Purpose

Macquarie Grammar School is uniquely positioned to be a ‘School of the Future’, providing quality teaching and learning that leads to academic excellence, adapt strategically and efficiently to the ever changing world that our students are a part of.

Our constant purpose is to foster and maintain a tradition of developing students to be prepared for today’s world and that of the future; who are balanced in intellectual, emotional, social, and physical skills; are in possession of knowledge and attributes and a love of leaning for life; and willing to serve their contemporaries and the wilder community.

Macquarie Grammar School is a not-for-profit school for all students from Years 7 to 12, located on one site which is coordinated, coherent and connected, and operates from shared vision, mission and established core values. Financially, the School Board and management is committed to improving resources and learning outcomes for our students.

Our Strategic Initiatives and Focus

Macquarie Grammar School :

will attract, develop and retain the best teaching and support staff, to comply with its vision and values.
will develop an outstanding curriculum to enhance learning opportunity for our students
will enhance our relationships with the parent community and other stakeholders
will have the services, infrastructure and financial capacity to deliver our strategic goals
will maintain our inclusive traditions and enhance our position in the local, national, and international community
will use information and communications technologies to be the enabler of our strategy

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