Homestay and Guardian

Macquarie Grammar School is proud to announce that it offers homestay accommodation through its established partnership with Australia’s leading homestay providers.

What is Homestay?

Homestay is a cultural exchange between a local individual or family (the host) and a visiting student; the student lives as a guest in the host family’s home.

Why is Homestay a great option?

Homestay Hosts are trained to assist international students:

  • Settle into their new community
  • Understanding the basics of Australian culture
  • Everyday conversational skills
  • Learning the basics such as buying transport tickets, where the local shops are, how to access:
  • Banking, internet, mobile phone and personal safety tips
  • Frequently used English and ‘Australian’ words and phrases

A Homestay student is provided with:

  •  A clean furnished room (this includes items like a bed, desk, wardrobe, chair and a study lamp), as well as
    a supportive family environment and home to live in
  • Meals (as specified) and accommodation (including utilities)
  • Ongoing Homestay host and student support
  •  Bathroom and laundry facilities

For more information or to apply please contact us via 02 8228 3022 or email to


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