Scholarship & Bursary

1. MGS Scholarship

Students with an excellent record of academic achievement may be eligible for an MGS Academic Scholarship. We welcome students who have attained high academic results in their current school to apply. The student may need to sit a scholarship test to determine entry into this programme.

2. “Fair Go” MGS Bursary

Macquarie Grammar School offers a “Fair Go” to students from all backgrounds, with our MGS Bursary Programme. The “Fair Go” MGS Bursary Programme enables students to access the personalised academic attention they need, to perform their best, when they and their family may have fallen upon financial hardship. A Bursary requires evidence of financial hardship. A bursary is offered at the discretion of the Headmaster.

Scholarship or Bursary Application

If you are interested in having your child apply for a Scholarship or Bursary, please register, by following the procedure outlined below, no later than January 10, of each year. At Macquarie Grammar School, we are pleased to offer Scholarships or Bursaries at the following stages: The school may accept applications for Years 7-11.

Stage 1

Designed for students in their final year of Primary School for entry into their first year (Year 7) of High School, the following year.

Stage 2

Designed for students in their second year of High School, for entry into Year 9, likewise for entry into Year 10.

Stage 3

Designed for students in Year 10 for entry into Year 11.

Please contact the Enrolments officer by email to or call on (02) 8228 3022

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