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High School Programme Entry Requirements

International students must fulfill both the minimum English and Academic requirements for entry into Macquarie Grammar School’s High School Programmes.
The minimum English language entry requirements are an IELTS equivalence of 5.0 for Years 7-10 and an IELTS equivalence of 5.5 for Years 11-12.
If you do not have the level of English needed for entry, you will be required to  enrol in Macquarie Grammar School’s  High School Preparation Programme (HSP).

More details please read : MGS_HSP Flyer 20170316

Past Academic Performance

Students seeking acceptance into Macquarie Grammar School’s High School Programmes should submit copies of their Reports and/or official academic Certificates for assessment. Students must have completed the equivalence of the previous year (grade) in their respective country’s school system in order to be considered for enrolment.

Macquarie Grammar School offers an inclusive welcome.

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