Parent and Friends Committee (P&F)

Message from our P&F President

Welcome to our P&F, we are delighted to have a healthy and engaged group of parents and friends interested in shaping and contributing to our P&F committee. We meet every six weeks and find our meetings to be most enjoyable, covering important issues / questions, whilst also being social forum and a real opportunity connect with other parents / friends of our School.

As a committee, we have endorsed a Terms of Reference which outlines our agenda / purpose as a committee which is available on this website for your perusal.

All parents and friends are genuinely encouraged to contribute to our committee, either through membership, or by the raising of Agenda items you wish us to discuss on your behalf

In the event you wish to contact the P&F, I can be emailed at any time via

Warmest regards,
Richard Clift

Parent and Friends Committee (P&F)

Terms of Reference

In close consultation with the school, the Committee members of the P&F will:

  • support the Principal and staff in the development of a learning community based upon the School’s statement of core values.
  • support the School’s policies developed in consultation with all stakeholders.
  • make recommendations at P&F meetings to the Principal in relation to policies that affect the wider school community.
  • acknowledge that the Principal has the responsibility to implement all policies.
  • identify topics of interest relevant to the school community.
  • focus on the educational needs of parents and families to ensure they are kept well informed.
  • maintain a record of the recommendations and outcomes of P&F meetings.
  • acknowledge that the decisions taken and actions proposed at the P&F meetings are representative of the school community.
  • adhere to the processes available to have issues addressed and decisions reviewed.
  • use appropriate conduct when participating in meeting / discussions and promote positive personal relationships among community members.
  • prepare timely written notices for distribution to members of the school community.
  • liaise with the members of the school and wider community as required in promoting a positive image of the school.
  • treat all members of the school community with an inclusive and respectful approach.

Membership – 2016

Richard Clift President
John Rekounioti Headmaster
Paul Hagan Director of Curriculum and Compliance
Inn and Andrea Heintze Parent
Don Pyke Parent
Joanna Xiong Parent
Qiuyi Wang Parent
YinMiao Parent
Joana and Lafoga Malolo Parent
Jay Clhetu Parent
Ninette Chan Guardian
Veronica Lew Guardian
Liu Yi Hui Parent
Lily Chen Parent
Juan Sun Director of Student Welfare

The P&F Committee meet every six weeks. Meetings are held (at the School) on a Thursday evening commencing at 6:00pm. Dates are communicated in advance via the Bluey (Newsletter) and School Facebook site.

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