001-PP-MGS Document Management Policy.pdf

002-PP-MGS Grievance Management Policy.pdf

003-PP-MGS Student Complaints and Appeals Policy.pdf

004-PP-MGS Student Discipline and Misconduct Policy.pdf

005-PP-MGS Critical Incident Policy.pdf

007-PP-MGS Work Health and Safety Policy.pdf

008-PP-MGS Evacuation Policy _ Procedures.pdf

009-PP-MGS Refund Policy and Procedure_revised_Mar2015.pdf

009-PP-MGS Refund Policy and Procedure_revised_Oct2014_ (1).pdf

009-PP-MGS Refund Policy and Procedure.pdf

010-PP-MGS Agent Selection and Appointment Policy and Procedure.pdf

011-PP-MGS Course Credit Policy.pdf

012-PP-MGS Recruitment Policy.pdf

013-PP-MGS Student ID Cards.pdf

014-PP-MGS Deferring Suspending or Cancelling Student Enrolment Policy.pdf

015-PP-MGS Marketing Material Policy and Procedure.pdf

016-PP-MGS Completion within the expected duration policy.pdf

017-PP-MGS  Airport Pickup Policy and Procedure.pdf

018-PP-MGS Purchase Request Policy.pdf

019-PP-MGS Enrolments Non-Commencements Policy.pdf

020-PP-MGS I.T. Department Policy _ Procedure.pdf

021-PP-MGS Notifying Students of Relocating Premises Procedure.pdf

022-PP-MGS Online Communication Services — Acceptable Usage for Students Policy.pdf

023-PP-MGS Petty Cash Handling Procedure.pdf

024-PP-MGS Working With Children Check Policy.pdf

025-PP-MGS Student Engagement before Enrolment Policy.pdf

026-PP-MGS Textbook Procedure.pdf

027-PP-MGS Code of Conduct.pdf

028-PP-MGS Assessing English Language Proficiency Procedure.pdf

029-PP-MGS Data Backup Procedures.pdf

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